As you know we have the charity organisation to help poor people….The website address is:
I tried my best to increase the traffic to that website till today…
What haven`t I tried?
– Paid to google for advertisement.
– Sent mails to thousands of mail users.
– Opened yahoo mailgroup
– Put link of the site banner to many websites
– tried to put advertisements..
None worked…… The general visitors to this website is daily 30. Only 30!
I know the reason…The problem is the SUBJECT of the website is not interesting to anyone…TO HELP POOR PEOPLE is not what people like to see at a website… They like to see something funny, something simple…If the website would be about an actor`s life it would have thousands of clicks per day… If it was a picture site with nudity inside than the clicks would be hundred thousands too….
People do not like to see the poor people news, they dont like to look at the problems of other people…That is the biggest reason forour website…
The other problem is advertisement…People like to visit a site which is WELL KNOWN…to be well known you have to be famous, to be famous you have to be on MEDIA…But it needs MONEY! We use all our money to help poor peoples` needs…
It means our website will not have thousands of visitors ANYTIME!!!

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