EU Visa Headache!!!



I go to Germany for 14
years, every year I visit the Frankfurt Mess Fair. I am exhibitor company for 5
years too. 


Normally if
you are Turkish citizen, EU countries ask many documents from you for visa
application.. As I am businessman, I know which documents I have to prepare and
I arrange them clearly and apply my visa…


Since 1993,
till now, the longest visa they gave to me is 6 months!!! Even though I am
businessman, I am exhibitor at their own exhibitions, I can`t get more than 6
months from EU countries.


This year
is getting worse than before… I have got a VISA INVITATION from Frankfurt
Paperworld Fair directly to be given to German Consulate for easier visa
application. As I am exhibitor this would help me to solve visa problems.


I have
arranged all documents as usual and sent to German Consulate. I had put my
ticket copy, hotel reservation details inside the visa application documents
too. The fair would begin on 24th January so I had arranged the
ticket for 23rd morning and I reserved my hotel too. I paid all of
these by cash and confirmed them.


I had a
picture taken with white background a they had asked last year, they told me
they need a BIOMETRIC PICTURE, so I took a biometric picture in a studio….They said
they ont accept that photo and I have to take it exactly with the dimensions mentioned!
SO I went to another studio and took the picture they asked…


Finally all
my documents were ready and I sent them to consulate for getting my visa.


I got a bad
news from travel agent on 22nd January, they said the consulate gave
me visa beginning at 24TH JANUARY!!! But 24th January is
the beginning day of fair!!! How will I go and arrange my booth? And I have
alrrady bought ticket and hotel!!!


I asked my
staff to call consulate and tell them the situation.. I had a ticket and hotel
and if I don’t fly on 23rd I will cancel them and lose a lot of
money.. and the most important thing is I must o on 23rd as I have
to prepare my booth at fair! The consulate staff had shouted at my staff!!!
MY VISA!!   They don’t care if I am exhibitor, I have
confirmed ticket, hotel etc. They only think they are KING! And we are servant?????


I had to
cancel my ticket of 23rd January. I bought a new ticket for 24th
January… My booth at hotel will be empty for one day as I will arrive at the
first day of the exhibition….


As a
Turkish citizen, it is so funny that we are at CUSTOM UNION with Europe countries.. They use the Turkish economy as they
need and they get cheaper price items from our factories. They use the Turkey at custom
union but when it comes to EU MEMBERSHIP they don’t want us… They only need
economic partnership which they earn only..


I don’t want
to become EU member… and I  hate the HUMILIATION
shown to us in visa procedures!!!  




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